Friday, December 31, 2010

Raisin' Fish: About those promised videos . . .

Eight or nine months ago, I said that I had documented the whole salmon raising process on video and that I would post them soon. Well, soon turned into not-so-soon pretty easily. Life got in the way as it has a habit of doing and now I find myself at the end of the year with a bit of time off from work. Earlier this week, I put together a couple of video clips into a series of short movies.

The first one is an introduction to the incubator and clarifier set up.

The second video shows the loading of eggs into the incubator.

One thing I didn't explain very clearly in the video is why we are giving the eggs a 10 minute bath in an iodine/creek water solution. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife guys over at Issaquah Salmon Hatchery want to make sure that no diseases or invasive critters are transferred between creek systems, so they ask us to use the iodine bath to limit the spread of any unwanted pests.

The third video shows what we do to finish up once all the eggs are loaded.

The last video in the series of four shows what all the work is about; the release of small coho salmon into McAleer Creek.

It was fun to do the videos. If anything is not clear or you have questions, drop me a comment and I'll do my best to address it.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hoops: A Fine Holiday Welcome for the Big - 12

UW Huskies 108 - Texas Tech Red Raiders 79

Saturday afternoon, December 4, at 1 pm the Huskies played Texas Tech at Hec Edmunsen Pavilion. Justin Holiday set the tone for the game by scoring 13 of the Huskies first 14 points. He was hot and the team was smart enough to keep feeding him the ball. He finished the game with 20 points in all and contributed some massive defense.

Isaiah Thomas seems to be struggling. He plays like the whole game depends on him scoring all the time. What ends up happening, it seems to me, is that he drives in to the lane and either gets stripped or blocked or ends up with nobody to pass to. Frustrating to watch. He's so talented and quick and is capable of making the most amazing shots. It still never ceases to amaze me that defenses seem to forget that he is a lefty. When he goes up with the ball in his right, switches over and finishes from the left, it looks like they weren't even guarding him. He scored 16 and was perfect from the foul line (6 for 6).

Matthew Bryan-Amaning had another solid game; 18 points, many rebounds and some tough interior defense. Aziz N'Diaye has been getting the starting spot with MBA coming off the bench. When he does, not only do we not lose anything, we actually gain solidity and competence at the center. I'm sure in time that Aziz will be a great asset; right now, he's a work in progress. He scored 4.

The Huskies thumped Texas Tech by 29. They were ahead by 19 at the half (61-42) and extended that lead during the second half. Venoy Overton put the cap on the first half by disrupting a play (I forgot whether he stole the ball or just forced a turnover) and then taking the ball at the other end and scoring a very pretty layup during the last minute of the half. After that the scoreboard posted a message saying, "Feeling Venoyed?" I would imagine that TT was felling pretty Venoyed as he was in their shirts all day. I intend to appreciate all of the time VO is on the court. He's a senior this year and I, for one, will certainly miss him when he is gone. He never scores too many points (he had 9) but he is sooo responsible for the other team not scoring so many points either.

Got to see Terrence Ross play for the first time. He's pretty exciting. I hope he's not a "one and done" player (I don't see how he can be, he's not getting that much playing time. If he were a true 'one and done' he'd be in the lineup and making much more of a contribution) because what I saw on Saturday was pretty awesome. He scored 6 and had a spectacular dunk in the second half.

Scott Suggs and Darnell Gant played well, both scoring 8. Abdul Gaddy is turning into a really competent point guard. Not very flashy, but really competent. He's also got a pretty shot. He made his 6 points on 2 three pointers. Brendan "The Human Victory Cigar" Sherrer got to play and filled up the box score for himself. He played the final 3:42 minutes and scored a bucket, got a rebound and a block, and fouled someone. Good job Brendan. The student section went nuts when he got put in so early and even more nuts when he scored.

Good game.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Raisin' Fish: I will post those promised videos

It has been almost 9 months since I posted anything about raising coho salmon on McAleer Creek. Two things come to mind immediately.

One, I shot videos of the whole process last year and have not yet posted any of them. I will do that in the next month.

Two, we are building a much larger clarifier to allow more of the sand and silt normally in the water to drop out before it enters the incubator. That project deserves some documenting and I will begin to do that, just not today.

Stay tuned, there's definitely more coming.

Hoops: Nice Shootin' Tex!


It has been almost forever since I have posted to this blog, but I am back and interested in continuing.

UW Huskies 102 - Long Beach State 75

Last night's game at Hec Edmunson Arena between UW and Long Beach State was a revelation on a number of levels. Though this was the fourth game of the season, it was the first that I have been able to see. I had conflicts with each of the three previous games. We are in new seats this year. They are four rows closer to the floor and in the 'chair back' seats rather than the bleachers. I didn't think that four rows would make that big a difference, but it does. A very enjoyable place to watch a hoops game from. I congratulate my wife and daughter on doing an awesome job of picking this year's seats.

The Huskies have been totally transformed! They are still capable of and willing to play carnivorous defense, but they are now also a shooting machine. C. J. Wilcox, who red-shirted last year as a freshman, is a classic 2-guard (shooting guard). He took nine shots last night, which doesn't sound like a lot, but he made 7 of them; 6 threes and a deuce. So, 20 points on nine shots. I'd say that's pretty efficient production. I didn't hear it myself, but apparently Lorenzo Romar said after the game that he had passed up too many open opportunities. Yikes!

Along with C. J. there were 6 other Huskies scoring in double figures; Gaddy with 17 Overton with 10, IT with 19, MBA with 14, Holiday with 11 and Darnell Gant with 10. The amazing thing is that there were 14 3-pointers in that mix. In a couple of seasons passed, there were times when we couldn't seem to get more than 2 or 3. Now they're shooting rainbows from everywhere.

The other good news is our inside play. Gant, Matthew Bryan-Amaning and the new guy, Aziz N'Diaye bring a really solid game up front. Aziz is a 7 footer from Senegal by way of the College of Southern Idaho. He is very much a work in progress on the offensive end, but his rebounding and defense are pretty darn good and he runs the floor well. MBA has stepped up his game yet again. I hope that he can consistently stay at the level he showed last night. He was 7 for 7 from the field (not all that hard when you are shooting inside of 5 feet) and cleaned the boards and blocked or altered a number of shots. Good stuff.

This is an exciting team to watch. I am definitely looking forward to the rest of the season and can't wait for PAC-10 play to begin.

These are the things that interest me. If any of them are of interest to you, great. Read along


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