Monday, March 16, 2009

Life Happens

Yesterday in the afternoon I was upstairs at the home computer preparing to start a blog post when the power went out. Weather-wise, yesterday offered a little bit of everything; snow in the morning with flakes the size of Oreos, blue skies and sun, vicious wind and rain, sleet. The windstorm in the afternoon was pushing the trees around in pretty amazing fashion.

Because we live in a heavily wooded ravine, we are subject to interruptions of power any time the weather pushes the trees around a good bit; heavy snow or heavy wind being the two biggest pushers. I guess the wind did it this time as the snow only lasted a couple of hours before being chased away by the rain, sun and wind.

So, once the power went out, I disconnected the computer from the power because I didn't want a repeat of frying the video card as happened the last time we lost power. Then I went outside, hooked up and fired up the generator. That Honda generator keeps power going to the refrigerators and freezers, the furnace/water heater, the sump pump, various lights in the house and everything in the living room.

All that explanation is my way of saying why I didn't do another Readin': post yesterday. I won't get it done tonight either, but hope to get back to it in a day or two.

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